Nutmeg in Grenada

Nutmeg Syrup Grenada

Discover Nutmeg in Grenada

Grenada often referred to as the ‘Spice Islands’ is famous for it’s nutmeg and mace. The island is the second largest exporter of the spice and a producer of an array of nutmeg products.

Visitors to Grenada can take tours to the Nutmeg factory and gardens, observe the process and foodies can stock up on all the nutmeg products.

Take a Nutmeg Tour

To learn more about Nutmeg when visiting the island, take a visit to the nutmeg-processing plants. Both the Grenada Co-Operative Nutmeg Association in Gouave and the Grenville Nutmeg Processing Station offer guided tours.

A Visit to the Belmont estate is also a must. Here you can sample the delicious nutmeg products including syrups, jams and even liquors.

There is even a festival celebrating Nutmeg held each year in November
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