AHADEPA Exhibition 2016

Ahadepa exhibition

United Haitians in the UK AHADEPA Exhibition 2016

UHUK (United Haitians in the UK) are launching several initiatives to fundraise for a new school in Haiti this year 2016. Among those are a photography exhibition, a photo book and a crowdfunding campaign.

Discover the story of a community in Carrefour Haiti trying to alleviate life difficulties through education and an incredible amount of determination. Follow the AHADEPA school director, a teacher and a couple of pupils during their daily routines. Uncover what it takes to provide education against all odds with the chronological story of how the school came about. Explore the current teaching and living conditions while sharing with us the dream of creating real opportunities for young Haitians full of potential.

The main aim for UHUK this year is to start a fundraising campaign to finance the construction of a new school
in Carrefour Haiti. The publication of a photo book will be part of the fundraising initiative as well as a London exhibition of photographs taken during UHUK’s documentary made at the AHADEPA school in February 2016.

A crowdfunding operation will also take place online to potentially reach the total amount needed to build the school based on the final quote provided by the selected engineers and builders. The ultimate goal of the AHADEPA project is to create a sustainable environment where the school could be totally autonomous. Te plan is to provide two type of activities. In the morning, classes to kids from families in financial distress for very low fees (or no fees). In the afternoon, professional courses and workshops for adults at reasonable prices that will be used to run the school and pay the teachers wages.

Co-directors Ricot Osias and Maitre Innocent are already preparing a plan regarding those professional workshops with craftsmen within the community. Our wish is to allow the AHADEPA project to take of on solid ground with a fair amount of autonomy so that they can focus on giving possibilities to those children full of potential. Each Haitian child receiving a good education benefits their community and ultimately the whole nation.

AHADEPA Exhibition from 20 to 25 June 2016
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