Bob Marley Bronze Sculpture

Bob Marley Bronze

Bob Marley Bronze Sculpture by UK artist Linda Preece

For a long time, there has naturally been a paucity of new memorabilia for some of the world’s much-loved and lost icons. Bob Marley is one such charismatic personality who did so much for Jamaica and his community by exporting reggae worldwide. Now UK artist Linda Preece has created a bronze-resin likeness which will help fill the gap.

This enigmatic, life-sized image captures the soul-searching quality and passion with which Bob imbued his lyrics.

Each unique, hand-finished piece is cast in bronze-resin, his crocheted rasta tam is subtly coloured in a contrasting soft blue-green hue and the head is mounted on black slate.

The Bob Marley Bronze Sculpture with his subtly contrasting hat stands 38cm (15″) high x 35 cm (14″) deep. Mounted on a black slate base.

For further information, please contact the website Anglia Art Bronzes and help keep Bob Marley’s name and image fresh for a new generation.