Image-in Self (migration)

Blue Elephant Theatre

Visual Arts -Image-in Self (migration) runs throughout Black History Month to explore what we reveal and conceal in our bodies, sometimes unbeknownst to ourselves.

The body is one of a myriad of means of inscribing culture. And of the millions of ways to inscribe culture, be it music, language or government, the body harbours the closest connection to identity.

Image-in Self (migration) explores how much information is encrypted on our bodies through migration and how it is communicated back to others. The beliefs we grow up with and those we learn all impact on that which we are.

Is this lost in every new place we go? Or is it compromised by the new way of living? Where do we cross the line?

Artist: Sanaa AbstraKt

Dates: Thursday 27 – Saturday 27 October 2012 (open pre- and post-show). Appointments may be arranged in advance during other times.

Admission Free

Blue Elephant Theatre 59a Bethwin Road, SE5 0XT
Tel: 020 7701 0100