JA Story 2010

Musical JA Story 2010

JA Story the land mark new musical makes a well deserved return to Stratford Circus by popular demand.

The list of historical characters and modern day legends include Reggae superstar Bob Marley, Marcus Garvey to Ian Fleming the creator of James Bond.

All of the key events in Jamaica’s history are recreated in songs, pulsating dances and exciting and informative dialogue. Jamaican Cultural icon Count Prince Miller, who had a number hit with his signature tune Mule Train, lends his considerable personality to this evocative show. JA Story is backboned by a pulsating musical canvas that includes Ska, Rock Steady, mento, dance hall Rhythm and Blues and pop.

This story starts before the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1494 to the present. Currently the Island’s athletes are grabbing the head lines and rightly so. All the major events in the island’s history are re-created with a talented international cast of performers. This very informative and entertaining show is also suitable for the entire family. The show is written by J.D. Douglas script writer of Black Heroes In the Hall of Fame.

J.A Story Theatre Dates 2010
Fairfield Halls 22nd October 2010
T. 020 8688 929
Stratford Circus Theatre 27th – 30th October 2010
T. 020 8279 1015