Memories of Mermaids

Memaid Memories Theatre

Memories of Mermaids Bernie Grants Arts Centre

Don’t let the Mermaid lure you in … Award winning theatre company Rolemop Arts brings to life the ancient mythical character of the Mermaid in this darkly comic contemporary piece of original storytelling.

Rosa Lee is part of a homeless community known as The Thames Mudlarks who keep watch on the banks of London’s River Thames. There they wait in hope that on the night of the full moon the infamous mermaid will appear, and wishes will be granted, and dreams will come true. However when 12-year old school girl Marika Jones goes missing, difficult questions must be answered in a bid to uncover the truth of her disappearance.

Join us for a thrilling experience that fuses projection and sound in a theatrical journey that’s interwoven with themes of belonging, identity and sacrifice.

Performance and audio artist Kerri McLean explores ideas of mixed race heritage through the metaphor of the mermaid for this new one-woman show. Memories of Mermaids is influenced by Caribbean folk tales and other Mermaid stories from around the world, in a dynamic and highly entertaining performance that’s not to be missed. Suitable for adults and children.

31st October 2014, 7.30pm – Bernie Grants Arts Centre, Tottenham, London
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