Nothing Less by Wayne G. Saunders

Nothing Less Wayne Saunders Film

New film Nothing Less by Wayne G. Saunders

Inspired by real-life situations, played out across the vibrant London landscape, ‘Nothing Less’ by Wanye G Saunders illustrates how one mans ambition for power and respect forces him to re-build the lives of others and his own in a bid to keep his head above murky waters – where the sharks with care-free smiles and money sucks everything good around you down into the grime.

Drama. 61 mins


Sydney Carty – UNCLE SID
Margaret Ogunbowale – CHANTEL
Kandace Caine – SHELLY
Andrew Whitney – REMEDY
Layton Burnett – AS HIMSELF
Wayne G Saunders – AS HIMSELF
Adel Seshie – ADEL


Wayne G Saunders has kept busy over the last year writing, directing, filming, editing, running film schools and executive directing. Which help him and his company reach out to over 5 million viewers with his hard hitting documentaries for ITV ‘Girls & Knives’ and ‘Youth & Guns’. Which was nominated for a prestige’s screen award. Wayne has proven that you ca bring new groundbreaking techniques into filmmaking and was recognised for his achievements in a British Film Institute (BFI) book ‘Teaching Black Cinema’, Perter Jones. “He has developed an innovative editing style in which layers of images and sound overlap in a dream like maner.” Music Composed By BFLY & IAM

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