Sugar Mummies

Sugar Mummies Theatre

Sugar Mummies By Tanika Gupta

Jamaica: a sensual paradise where the sun, sea and sand are free but anything more comes at a price.

Welcome to the 21st century where women travel across the world in search of sex, love and liberation but the reality is that hard cash = hard men. Toned torsos and slick sweet talk meets orange peel beneath the coconut trees in an exchange that leaves everyone short-changed.

Sugar Mummies is a funny, provocative and revealing study of the pleasures and pitfalls of female sex tourism. Tanika Gupta’s previous plays include Gladiator Games, Sanctuary, Hobson’s Choice and Fragile Land.

Sugar Mummies Theatre Royal Court Theatre Theatre July 06 Press shots ©NOBBY CLARK

Director: Indhu Rubasingham

Cast includes:
Lynda Bellingham
Jason Frederick
Javone Prince
Vinette Robinson
Victor Romero Evans

Supported by the Columbia Foundation