An Audience with Baroness Howells

Baroness Howells of St Davids OBE

In an effort to gain the support of ordinary peoples across the UK, several fundraising initiatives have commenced since Christmas to support a special rebuilding fund in Grenada.

The current lecture series entitled “An Audience with Baroness Howells” will help to highlight the fund across the Three Counties. Each ticket sold will provide a donation towards GIFT (the Grenada International Foundation Trust) of which the Baroness is a Trustee and founder.

The fund is aiming to rebuild two historic 300-year old landmarks in the Baroness’ childhood country, the Caribbean Island of Grenada also known as “The Spice Isle.” Grenada suffered major damage at the hands of Hurricane Ivan in 2004 with over 90% of the island affected and now rebuilt. This has restored vital services (hospitals and schools), homes and replanting of the spice crops. Some 5 years later the relief funds have dried up and the House of Parliament and Governor’s Mansion are still lying in ruin. The Baroness’ dream is to see these building back in use during her lifetime.

Says the Baroness “The architect’s report for the estimates on a hurricane-proof building seems at first to be a large amount of money at £2 million. However, on reflection, when one considers how much it would cost to rebuild our UK Parliament in the hundreds of millions then the cost for Grenada is proportionate. With so much damage to repair, we need this campaign to get more help.”

Baroness Howells has been a diplomat, a Deputy High Commissioner for Grenada and is a role model for hundreds of men and women working in the field of community relations. She has been an activist for over 30 years and worked tirelessly on the Stephen Lawrence Campaign. She has served on the board of a number of community voluntary organisations both nationally and internationally.

Baroness Howells of St Davids OBE
The Baroness was ennobled to the House of Lords in 1999 and took the title of Baroness Howells of St. David’s. In this role she continues to work for justice for ethnic minorities and the disadvantaged. She is an adviser to the Home Secretary on matters of race and community relations. She also takes an active part in the work of the House. She obtained an honorary doctorate from the University of Greenwich in 1997.

Friday 28th March 2008 4.00 – 5.30 pm “Youth Leadership Lecture” (Venue: Hat Factory) Especially for young people under 20s, a leadership lecture followed by Q&A and performances Tickets: £10