Be blown away by The Creole Choir of Cuba

This is something new from Cuba, the most original vocal sound to come out of the country in a long while. Be prepared to hear something completely different from Cuba. In glorious songs, these remarkable singers celebrate the history of their Haitian descendants enslaved to the Caribbean from West Africa.

This is what the press are saying about the Choir on their US tour

‘Celebratory, with brisk Haitian rhythms and endlessly inventive vocal combinations’ The New York Times

‘Whether you came to hear something new or to join in as part of the entertainment, the exhilarating concert by the Creole Choir of Cuba at Strathmore on Wednesday was a real winner’ The Washington Post

‘Exhilarating and meticulous at the same time…particularly strong and moving’ The Boston Globe

‘A joyous fusion of old traditions and new’ The Washington Post Blog

As anybody who has witnessed the vibrant Choir can attest, this is an experience not to be missed.

In addition to Spanish and French, the Choir mainly sing in Creole, Cuba’s second language, spoken by almost a million people, a pragmatic fusion of African, French and other languages. It’s the language of a people twice exiled: first to Haiti from Africa through the iniquitous slave trade; then from Haiti to Cuba tricked into second slavery by their French masters after the Haitian Revolution of 1790. Other Haitians arrived in the 20th century fleeing political upheaval, poverty and oppression during the barbaric regime of Papa Doc Duvalier which held power from the 1950s to 70’s, marked by reigns of terror and the brutality of his private militia, the Tonton Macoutes.

With irresistible melodies driven by richly textured harmonies, shifting Caribbean rhythmswith a very original root bass sound, this is impassioned singing by a unique group celebrating roots, resistance and the irresistible rhythms of life.

“A powerful, invocatory sound that has a huge impact live. A blend of haunting, near-operatic Christian fervour and visceral African drive, bellowed out by big, charismatic voices and an equally spirited chorus.” The Daily Telegraph

“There are full throated solos and passionate choral responses in Creole, creating a rich, ringing sonority which is sometimes defiant, sometimes soothing, but always thrilling.” Evening Standard

For table bookings please email or call 07814 552 99

1 Doors open at 7pm – Live music at 9pm
Entry £10 – Early arrival recommended

Creole Choir of Cuba