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Bamboo & Fern: Jamaican ‘Corporate Queen’s’ Awe-Inspiring Biography Empowers Women to Triumph over Adversity

Ava Brown’s life story is one of true perseverance and survival. In her new biography, ‘Bamboo & Fern’, Brown recounts her remarkable transition from street-selling Jamaican pauper to MBA Global Business Development Manager. By releasing her story to the world, Brown hopes other women will be inspired to embrace their situations, overcome their struggles and become the strong-willed and successful individuals they dream of.

There’s no way to sugar-coat Ava Brown’s early life; it was tough. Food was scarce, poverty forced her to sell on the streets for income and a life of making babies and working on a farm was all that waited. But Brown was different to her peers – born with a strength and instinct for survival that was rare in her region. She broke free from the mould, triumphed in more ways than imaginable, and is now taking her story public.

‘Bamboo & Fern’ is Brown’s inspirational new biography, written for women all over the world who feel trapped and unable to be the strong souls they crave.


In this courageous story of growing up in one of the poorest areas of Jamaica, Ava Brown learned the life lessons of perseverance and survival.

From a young age, Ava’s self-taught belief that she was destined for more then the community’s recreational activities of sex, raising babies and going to the farm gave her the courage to forge a very different path than the one expected of her.

Her story starts in a poor rural area, where the need to find food often won out over school attendance, and follows her journey through her adolescent years, which were encased in the dark shadows of incest and sexual abuse, to her young adult years when the event of being held at gunpoint finally led her to flee her home country in order to save her sanity.

Yet, her resilience and love for her native country allowed her to see all of her harsh and disappointing experiences as stepping stones to becoming a strong and self-reliant woman, one who is capable of helping our society to break the cycle of poverty and its effects. We welcome you to share in Ava’s journey through her book, Bamboo & Fern. Using the metaphor of the bamboo, her childhood experiences gave her strong roots to grow but made her tough and bendable like the bamboo plant, she is also like a fern, vulnerable but with a huge capacity for survival. You will experience her triumphs, setbacks and trials. Bamboo & Fern will break your heart, before it makes you smile.

Be prepared for a rollercoaster ride that breaks hearts, will undoubtedly motivate, Inspire and fuel the desire for change.

"It’s all down to determination," admits Brown. "If women around the world can learn that one skill, they can succeed at anything they turn their hands to. My determination was ingrained and governed everything I did since birth. Believe me – it was needed!"

Continuing, "Every woman has it inside of her but only the fair few will find it. That’s why I wrote this book, to act as a beacon of change and a catalyst for women everywhere to brush off the dust, look inward and grab hold of their determination."

The book has had a hugely-positive effect on readers. Yvonne comments, "This was a captivating and emotional read reminding me that your struggles and small beginnings do not define you but makes your successes and journey more rewarding. Eagerly awaiting the full book. Bamboo & Fern… against all odds I say! Fantastic thought provoking read."

Nickalous adds, "Certainly this well-packed awe-inspiring tale has riddled my mind with its bluntness and resilience. I was utterly blown away the author’s determination and conquest of a brighter future. Indeed the recreation of her tale is sensation. It caught me off guard and maintain my undivided attention to the very end. It is just breath-taking. Surely this is my first time experiencing such an exquisite book sharing the life of an overcomer. I love it!"

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