Boy Boy and the Magic Drum

Boy Boy and the Magic Drum by Machel Montano

Boy Boy and the Magic Drum by Machel Montano

“Boy Boy and the Magic Drum” an energetic children’s book that details a young boy’s adventures with environmental changes, culture, unity and the magic of MUSIC. International soca music pioneer, Machel Montano, brings his stage energy to the pages of this book. A MUST READ for children of all ages!

Machel Montano, international soca music megastar, renowned musical artist, has joined Dip Publishing House to launch the worldwide distribution and sale of his children’s book “Boy Boy and the Magic Drum” originally published locally in Trinidad and Tobago in 2009.

DIP Publishing House is a book publishing company that supports both self and traditional authors globally. With extensive distribution channels, DIP Publishing House is able to reach the literary markets whether through eBooks, wholesale retailers, online retailers, and many more! As a major publisher within the US and internationally, DIP Publishing is excited to take “Boy Boy and The Magic Drum” worldwide! Out of the creative mind of Machel Montano, Boy Boy represents the youth of this generation, speaking to environmental and cultural awareness, and unity as its primary message to the world.

DIP Publishing is proud to partner with Machel Montano to spread this message worldwide with this energetic tale of a young boy using the magic of music to change a situation.

“Boy, Boy and The Magic Drum” is a story that kids of all ages can and will enjoy!
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