Diffrent by Junior James

Diffrent by Junior Jones

Diffrent by South London native, youth consultant, mentor, author and reggae artist Sherlock

New Autobiography raises awareness and educates the youth and adults on the harmful pitfalls of drugs and crime.

The autobiography by South London native, youth consultant, mentor, author and reggae artist Sherlock, is helping to inform people from the age of 16 and upwards on the dangers and pitfalls of drugs and crime in an easy to understand and relatable way.

This remarkable autobiography is full of descriptive, humorous, captivating and raw experiences that all readers can relate to.

Sherlocks aim is to inspire young minds to positively think for themselves and understand the importance of a good education.

‘People are easily misled through peer pressure, so this book has been written to deter young people from a life of drugs and crime, also to any adults who are still living that life’, says Sherlock.

About the Author

Sherlock is a British/ Caribbean, reggae artist, youth developer and author based in the UK. His work is thought provoking, witty and inspiring. He is part of an ongoing campaign which talks to and educates youth offenders. He works directly with schools, colleges, universities and youth clubs.

Sherlock is also working vigorously with the National Probation Service to help young youth offenders across the country. Sherlock was released from prison in April 2011; his 3rd and last prison sentence, during which he decided to write his autobiography.

DIFFRENT September 2011
ISBN 978-1-4478-4190-6