Inspired by Angela Edgar

An Inspiring new poet

Angela Edgar, aka Angee… . A young black female poet British-born of Jamaican parentage, with a weekly poetry contribution on community radio station Roots FM 95.4.
Inspired is her first collection of poetry. has had a love of writing since her days as a young teenager. With a diverse working history spanning Retail, Video Production, finally forging a Contact Centre career in Market Research, a writing hiatus of 6 years ensued which ended in 2006.

Taking up writing all over again, Angee put pen to paper, discovering she had a talent as if it were the dawn of a new day. Poetry came thick and fast, and with this new found confidence, followed a tentative leap into the arena of Spoken Word performances.

Job cuts in 2007, gave her the freedom, time and inspiration to tackle an unfulfilled dream – that of writing a book. Motivated by wanting to share her previously unheard words on paper and in person, Angee realised that her poetry was inspiring to others and resonating deeply with people. Cultivating an online following of readers, a few of whom actively encouraged her to pursue this dream and loyally supported her growth on this developmental journey, the reality of being eventually approached by a publisher (in this case Mad Jock of Liverpool) therefore seemed inevitable.

Her publisher Rols Sperling describes one of her poems ‘Intimacy of a Kiss’ as “Very beautiful and surprisingly understated. You have an ability to throw in a line of sheer exquisiteness without even so much as a trumpet fanfare.”

Not defined by writing in one genre or style, Angee tackles any and everything that comes to her mind or her heart, sharing her experiences and observations of daily life and fantasy in her own unique style which has resulted in her first collection of poetry called Inspired was published 11th February 2008 by MAD JOCK.

Inspired is the result of an incredible personal transition in Angee Edgar that has seen this once very quiet individual find her voice in writing and showcasing her poems to London’s spoken word community. Inspired lets you get a glimpse of the Angee people rarely see and with a very personal expression of her thoughts, observations and dreams she has created a flowing array that takes you on an emotional and thoughtful journey featuring collaborations with 3 poets from the UK and US as well as the artwork and photography of friends.
That Inspired now exists after only 18 months of writing when a 6 year creative hiatus ended and 8 months from the decision to put together an anthology, only goes to prove that with focus and determination.. inspiration knows no boundaries and everyone should know that their dreams are achievable too.

Angee has recently performed at Live Mic @ Marie Lloyds Bar, Hackney, London and Esoteric @ Mau Mau Bar, Ladbroke Grove London and is also co-host of ‘I:Poet meets OD:Poetic’, A new spoken word event in North West London.

Weekly on Roots FM 95.4. Thursday 8-10pm for those who can’t pick up the 95.4fm in North West London.

Excerpt taken from Inspired © Angela Edgar 2009
‘Who Would Ever Love Me?’
Who would ever love me?
I think as I look at the door
Waiting for the post to drop
Wondering what wings its way towards my letter box
On this fourteenth day of the second month.
Apprehension fills me with dread
Of all the past encounters I’ve had
Spinning my heart in circles and rocking my head
The emotions over-run and under-turn me
Forging my memories into anti-memories
So I no longer know truth from reality.
I think back to the handsome man on the bus
Knowing he walks behind me at the end of the day
Passing me by as I entered my flat alone
So he knew where I lived
He smiled at me each morning everyday
As he sat in the seat opposite me
Then I think oh it was just courtesy,
That he didn’t really mean it
That he was just trying to be polite
But oh how his sparkly twinkle always caught my eye
Unaware he made my day start off that much better.
I imagine the joy I’d feel seeing a strange envelope
In amongst my usual mail
Apprehensively opening it up
My heart would soar with joy
Knowing someone had taken the time to think of me
The effort to choose the right sentiment
The lick or stick of stamp to card
The walk to the post office or post box
To send it lovingly my way…
Who would ever love my smile?
My sparkle?
My twinkle?
My curvy hips?
My saggy rump?
My not so pert chest as age and gravity catches up?
Who would want to listen to my laugh?
My sense of humour?
My wisdom?
My words of comfort and advice?
My moany, croaky voice when I first wake up?
Who would ever hunger for my companionship?
Crave my touch?
My smell?
My warmth?
My intimacy?
Who would ever love me now you’re gone?
© 12th April 2009 – 23:56pm Written by Angela Edgar
WWW.ANGEE.CO.UK All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.
‘Higher Calling’
God’s called your name
He’s called you to your purpose
It’s time for you to realise your worth
It’s time to do God’s bidding
Here, in your time on earth
It’s your higher calling
He’s blessed us all with some talent or skill
To create beautiful art
Or speak words to unite
Or gently stop ill will
To be able to listen
To be able to guide others who are lost within
Taking something good from something tragic
Washing away our regrets and sins
Everyday thank and sing His praises
There are many more ways we can do our part
Yes, when you wake up thank and sing His praise
From the very bottom of your heart
For it’s your purpose He’s ordained
From before your conception,
From long before the idea of your birth
Don’t deny your higher calling
How else can all feel God’s loving girth
Accept your higher calling
It is to spread His gospel word
In your thoughts, actions and daily deeds
Through you He’ll answer the prayers of those in need
Reach those who feel they can’t cope
Reach out a hand to those who feel they’ve lost hope
His love and spiritual guidance will set you free
To bring glory to His name eternally.
So to follow your higher calling
Now and always, Blessed you will be.
© 4th November 2008 – 19.20pm Written by Angela Edgar
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.
It took a lot
To get me here
I was so frightened
I lived in fear.
A little muse
He came to me
With a few choice words
I was set free.
Free to be here
Free to pursue
Free to be vibrant
And be myself with you.
As I struggled to find
My inner being
Real humble beauty emerged
The truth of me I’m finally seeing.
I feel the love
I feel the heat
Clap your hands
Stomp your feet.
We love our art
We’re not shy, not coy
We come together
To share the joy.
I heard the words
I felt the need
Tonight we were blessed
God’s children destined for success.
A prayer answered
Not a word went unheard
To all the other haters
I’ll flip just you the bird.
Tonight I heard things that inspired
I truly believe that I felt his touch
Compelled to write this
I thank God so much.
For all that he gives to me
I give it right back
My praise forms in words
They keep me focused and on track.
So when you see me put pen to paper
I hope you don’t mind
I’m following my destiny
I’m not being rude or unkind.
Positive thinking to aiming higher
Being what God meant to me
I’m ignoring the negative
Preferring to nurture the positive, in my creativity.
I’m being inspired
I’m catching a ride
I’m just feeling the flow
I’m flowing with the vibe.
I’m listening, I’m learning
God’s seeing my soul
But it’s only together
That I reach my goal.
No more back biting
No more stinging remarks
We’ve got to support each other
It’s together that we’ll create sparks.
Thoughts turn to action
Like flint and wood
Creating a literary fire
I’m doing what I only dreamt I could.
Just when I feel like I’m losing the rhyme
I look around, reminisce, remember
I slow it down
I take my time.
Quick, give me a sheet
A quill and some ink
Old school I know but what I come up with
Might make you think.
I stop, I think
I write it down again
My goodness why didn’t I think of that
Why when it was so plain.
I take what I feel and see
I show you through my eyes
It might take one
But more like two or three tries.
I won’t be in the crowd
Looking sad, feeling terse
I’ll be the one up on the stage you see
Giving you a taste of my verse.
Though I can’t sing in tune
Or freestyle a rhyme
I hope my words however delivered
Touch you every time.
Leaving you feeling hopeful
Bringing a smile to your face
Making you feel all warm and cosy
Welcoming you into Angee’s space
Now you go out and spread the word
Help someone else aspire
I thank you for reading and hearing this
Now that I’ve shared with you, I hope you’ll be… INSPIRED.
© 2nd August June 2007 – 22:05pm Written by Angela Edgar.
All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited.
‘Mama’s Kitchen’
Saturday I woke to the smells
Of spinach greens, with meat bits, onions and peppers
They roused me from my troubled dreams
Sniff…sniff…mmmm J
Mama’s cooking….
With that special ingredient
That makes everything ok
My tummy rumbled and yearned
For some bammie and fried plantains My tummy called to me and yelled
“Wake Up! Mama’s cooking!
Go get yours before it’s gone…
And Big Sis has taken it all!”
I wait in bed, eyes closed,
Recognising the familiar scents
Until the combination
Is right for me to rise to the table
I hear the kettle boiling
The clink of pots, pans and cutlery
Of Mama moving about downstairs
These are the familiar Saturday morning rituals
That marked my childhood
Until now as a grown woman.
Ooh, she’s done it now!
That’s the smell that will get me up
To claim my share
…Hot dumplings, fresh baked out the oven…Oh Yeah!
I toss and turn onto my stomach
As scents assail my nostrils
Slowly, I slide out from under the covers
A toe…an ankle…a calf…a thigh…my bum…
As I eventually fling off the bedspread
“An-gel-a… Breakfast!”
“Coming Mum!”
I’ve gone to fill my face
As well as my soul
With Mama’s cooking creations
And that extra special secret ingredient of hers
The one that with a taste
Can make it all better
Heal hurts like a kiss, a word…
Like a mother’s unconditional love
Like a mother’s understanding hug.
© 2nd September 2006 – 10:34am Written By Angela Edgar
All Rights Reserved
Unauthorised Reproduction Prohibited
‘Shine Bright’
You gotta shine bright
You gotta see you are a light
A shining star sent to guide others
Fathers, Mothers, Sisters and Brothers
Showing them a different path, from the one they now tread
Showing them that there really is nothing to dread
Showing them there always is another choice
Showing them it’s okay as one to share their voice.
You gotta shine bright
You gotta see you are a light
One that will lead others back to the right
Open your heart, so others will sing
Bare your soul, give the dark keeper back his bling
By believing that you can, look deep and have faith
Work hard, you can have it all, perhaps even too the cake.
You gotta shine bright
You gotta see you are a light
Show them it’s possible, you can reach that dream goal
Together we protect, we are one of the same fold
Tarry awhile so you don’t stumble or fall
You were destined to shine bright for them after all
It’s part of the process so worry not, just do you
With God by your side, He will help us all through.
You will shine bright
Don’t you see you are a light
You are one of a few specials
Born to lead others back to the right.
© 21st October 2008 – 12.22pm Written by Angela Edgar
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.
Angee Edgar