The Making of a Jamaican Don by Clifton Cameron

Telling the story of these Jamaican dons – their history

Jamaican dons see themselves as leaders, protectors, and nearly God-like figures. They see themselves as bigger than even the Prime Minister; with the resources they have, they are not afraid of anyone. In The Making of a Jamaican Don, author Clifton Cameron tells the story of these Jamaican dons – their history, and the role they play in the governing of the Caribbean country.

This story is told through the eyes of Spanner and Trinity, two youths from rural Jamaica who leave their homes in Kitson Town and travel to Kingston for a better life. But here, their lives change in ways they could not have imagined. They find themselves embroiled in politics and the world of donship, eventually spending time in Jamaica’s notorious General Penitentiary Prison.

A true account of tragedy and death, The Making of a Jamaican Don highlights the links between dons, guns, drugs, police, politicians, public officials, and corruption.

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Clifton Cameron, is a native Jamaican, now lives in the United Kingdom. He began writing as a youngster and has written a poetry book, Voices from the Wilderness. Cameron uses his firsthand experiences in politics and crime in Jamaica to write this, his first novel.

The Making of a Jamaican Don