Maya An Missa’ Mangoose

A series of thrilling dual language cultural short stories

Caribbean Country Tales – is the first edition in a series of thrilling dual language cultural short stories that is inspirational and imaginative.

Based in the Caribbean ‘Maya An Missa’ Mangoose’ is the first tale in the series which focuses on the everyday rural life of a little girl called Maya.

…Dramatic events of Maya’s disappearance leads to her very first encounter with ‘Missa’ Mangoose’ during a terrifying ordeal..a lasting bond of friendship is formed with the family, leading to many more Caribbean adventures.

Written and read in Caribbean Patwa’ – used to encourage better understanding of the Caribbean Language. Tales are best read to younger children by adults as they characterize lifestyle and geographical facts to impart knowledge and better understanding of Caribbean culture, which is beneficial in maintaining historical heritage and cultural identity for future generations.

Audio CD also includes exciting sound effects.
UK.RRP: £9.99
ISBN: 0-9549245-2-5

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