Oscar J

Sherlene Adolphe teaches readers how to deal with negative emotions with ‘Oscar J’

‘OSCAR J’ brings awareness, understanding and acceptance to children and young people of life’s negative experiences

With youth being an inquisitive period, they like to be made fully aware of what was, what is and what may possibly be, with a feeling of contentment, and often achievement when they learn something new.

‘The first in a series of planned publications, Oscar J is divided into two short stories; "Skipper Can no Longer Play…" and "Daddy Can no Longer Stay…" depicting the issues faced by lots of children (and adults) in our world.’

Narrated through Oscar J’s perspective, these stories tell of the pain and sadness a boy feels after he experiences the loss of his beloved dog, Skipper.

Nevertheless, he still feels the support and comfort of his mum which made a move on his life. But when his parents are on the brink of separation, Oscar J is again severely affected.

But these changes that he continues to experience only proves one thing. That the love of his family will always be there.

The simple stories of OSCAR J, will prepare children for what may be. Impart valuable messages of how to deal with, and a realisation that no matter how negative a situation may be, there can be a positive outcome from all!

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