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I Am GooGol

Point G Comics launched its first Graphic Novel on the 27th of August 2010. I am GooGol – The Great Invasion #1 is the first issue (of three) introducing the new super hero ‘GooGol’.

I am GooGol … and this is your story: the story of all beings.
It can still be changed and I am there in your time to fix it.

With her brand new Publishing company Point G Comics, Sylvaine Francis has the same ambition for her new ‘Super Person’ as the Japanese animation film studio Ghibli (Spirited Away).

"the universe of cartoons, the art of original soundtracks and voice over speak louder than day to day reality " for Sylvaine. "It’s Disney fault ".

Her dream for tomorrow, along with the amazing Brazilian Artist Rodrigo de Castro and American writer Bobby Nash is to "Work on different characters for GooGol in different countries – Alisha for our Indian GooGol, Aichenguo for our Chinese GooGol . Grow towards 2D animation (Clay animation) and 3D animation (realise a whole feature with computers) working with workforce in South Africa."

What is the story about and does it have a theme or core message?
This is the story of an entity call GooGol, who comes from the future from where computers, laptops and mobile phones have been gently replaced by a small chip inside our brain. GooGol is an entity has she hold a function in the world rather than was born with this function. It’s her brain ability who made her the chosen GooGol. In our Introduction you can find out what our world end up to be rather than rely on any supposition (Scientific) or interpretation (Religious) of what it could be (The Galaxy Map http://www.iamgoogol.com/ingoogol/comic.php?p=9).

When I was thinking about my new superhero, holding in her hand all these technologies and gadgets that we have now sound too submissive for me and my attempts of different stories. The idea of getting rid of them and reducing them into a chip was a way to have control and awareness of every things involved behind them: you are in control of where your data go and you become immediately aware of who has access to them.

And for those who still think about it as a scary idea to imagine: in my scenario, the technology of a chip inside our brain requires a simple visit to a doctor surgery, where you will receive a simple “vaccine-like” procedure to be implanted this chip. The core message is this: here is a world not asking us our approval to exist (it’s our future) but what is she doing here with us? And why now? Why us?

What role did you play in its creation?

I came up with the concept, scenario and crashed with the trademark idea. I brought together the team and create the publishing company to achieve the whole thing rather than attempt to appeal to an agent or another publisher.

Who else collaborated on the publication?
Rodrigo de Castro is the Artist, from Osasco (Brazil). Bobby Nash is the writer and story-teller, from Georgia (United States)

Would it appeal to young readers in the Caribbean Diaspora?

Due to the fact that I am from French Guiana, I guess people would expect me to refer or to sound like I am from French Guiana, with my scenario. Their curiosity would be enough for me, because they will have to approach this new superhero as an entity above Religion, Political and Race dimension. The idea of GooGol was and is a person that has no place in our present but who has no choice but to come and achieve an important mission in our time. As a Caribbean, you will only have the satisfaction of issues and problems being seen and resolved from a Caribbean born person point of view (no patronising ending or ‘let’s burn the whole place in the name of the greater good’).

I hate with a passion senseless violence and uninvited sex scenes, in movies, on TV and so on. I do accept that the video gamer won’t agree at all with me, but as long as these stay in video games, I don’t argue. But superhero movies tend to be dumb and dumber in my personal opinion. Just special effects and technology, no storylines you could easily relate to. As a kid, I use to be waiting patiently for that time when Clark would finally kiss Lois or Lana. Now as an adult, I feel like I am watching a soap opera, once the hero is inviting me too much into his worlds, his issues, his dilemma… but would not even have the courage to touch even the surface of my day to day adult problems. Religion is our actuality these days. So what if someone come from the future and humble you into listening to what she has to say rather than being intimidated by your personal approach, interpretation and belief!

The rest of the story is pure relationship: how do you cope with this person and with yourself!
And to answer to your question: what if a superhero was born today in French Guiana, tomorrow in India? How do you cope with inviting her into your plan – wherever or whoever you are!

Where are you based, and what was the experience like for you putting the book together?

Thing went smoothly here from London. Once you work with an experienced Writer and a talented Artist, you are the one – the publisher – who have it easy. I advertised the fact that I was looking for a writer for my creator owned comic book concept. I already had found the Artist at that time, and published online a first set of web comic book pages, which were rejected as too this or not enough that by members of the public! I managed to attract great candidates. I asked them all how they would start my scenario and Bobby was the one who kept me interested and guessing about what happen next. So I choose him with a big smile on my face, impatient about his first finished script. The whole process, apart from trying to raise fund to finance the costs of launching, stayed this way: a pleasant time and an excitation about how he would achieve to make a complicated scenario of mine a simple comic book and superhero material.

Can you share a little about your background, including your links to Cayenne?

I was born on the 25th of February 1978, in Cayenne (French Guiana). I lived there up to my A-Level in 1998 then went in Montpellier (South of France) as a student in University. A degree in Economy and Management that I never achieved till the end.

I arrived in the UK out of a ‘Why Not’ hasted decision, it’s as a kitchen associate that I started my days in London, working in one of the Pub restaurant owned by Wetherspoon.

After the birth of my first child, I decided to launch myself as a self-employed qualified Bookkeeper as a member of the prestigious ‘Institute of Certified Bookkeeper’ – accounting having been my strong point in University.
The transition between accounting and Comic Books: the universe of cartoons, the art of original soundtracks and voice over spoke louder than day to day reality for me. "It’s Disney fault".

With my brand new Publishing company Point G Comics (http://www.PGcomics.com), I have the same ambition for this new « Super Person » than the Japanese animation film studio Ghibli (Spirited Away).

"Something different but as well a pleasure for the eyes and a wonder for the mind and imagination! But for sure, deeper than just violence and sex to attract readers or viewers to our art. A super hero who has some answers and questions for my own existential questions without falling into the religious debate or political dialogue."

This Comic Book is available on Pre-Order now on http://www.PGcomics.com and coming soon on Amazon.com and Play.com.
Shipping is available from the 8th of November 2010.
I am GooGol
Public : Recommended for Ages 12+
Genre : Sci-Fi – Graphic Novel
Scenario : Sylvaine Francis (from French Guiana – Cayenne)
Writer : Bobby Nash (USA – Georgia)
Artist : Rodrigo de Castro (Brazil – Osasco)
Editor : Point G Comics