Bryan Bailey Poetry

“I write to express my feelings about life and emotions as I see it. If others can relate to my poems then that makes me happy. ”

Amazing! That’s What We Are© Bryan Bailey – 5 June 2009
Amazing! That’s what we are
We run faster, we sing better, we play music and tantalise the taste buds of the world with our culture and brilliance
Always filled with the joy of life, movement, pleasure and so much more
Seeking peace in ourselves and our islands of love and harmony, wherever we may be
Despite what the world perceives, we strive to be one and more
With a pure spirit we cherish our music that gathers us all
Through rap, rave, groove, classical, jazz and creation through reggae and soul
Inspired by the unremitting rhythm from the motherland, Africa so beautiful
So unique, genuine, sensual, and still developing as she grows
At heart, we are a peaceful race, happy to bring joy to the world with a dance and gyration of colour and sounds that are unique to us
And this eclectic passion that pulses throughout our nation, is something so extraordinary, I would shower the whole world in our magical black stardust
We bring our black heritage to a world that looks towards our Island shores
So much so, that they imitate, duplicate are envious and try to absorb
We enrich the world with our science, history and social economics
And without doubt, watch our athletes as they perform their amazing tricks
We excel in the world of business, accounting, industry, whatever we try
The list goes on truly incredible, remarkable, and yet, we have just begun to fly
And the awareness is passed to our children, whose heritage dates back to Royal Kings and Queens
As we guide, caress and nurture their talent, opening their eyes so they too will achieve
And know, that undeniably, WE ARE TRULY AMAZING, that’s what we are

Black Warrior© Bryan Bailey – 3 June 2009
Black warrior, defender of our destiny
Keeping my future safe so i can be what i want to be
You fought courageously in the war for my freedom
By sacrificing your life, for the benefit of everyone
You came from all parts of the West Indies
Pilots, warriors on land, men who sailed the high seas
Fighting the spectre of hate and the enemy to set us free
For when the World sent out a battle cry for women and men of courage
You left your families, children behind for a warriors marriage
For a life that would lead you to see unforgettable horrors
For a life that would forever fill your soul with mixed blessings and sorrows
To struggle against prejudice and yet rise with dignity
And achieve all this and more against the enemy and internal hostilities
I praise you, young warrior as you rest in deep sleep
For without you, my life and children i could not keep
I honour you for your bravery, men and women from the West Indies
Because of you, i can now fulfil my ambitions within me

Newspaper Vendor© Bryan Bailey 17 May 2007
The sea of people surges forward from tubes and buses and trains
Forever flowing onwards, the tide of human disdain
The natural ebb broken now and then by the waiting vendors
Always casting their nets from the pavement shores
As fishermen on the banks of Victoria Road the vendors ply their free papers
Angling, smiling, positioning, getting up to all kinds of silly capers
Gently teasing the paper fly in their hand, trying to catch an unsuspecting pedestrian
Who will take the bait without knowing, without doubt or question
“Good morning” he gently speaks with a smile as false as a city fat cat,
Is he being sincere in this world of clipped speech and false chat
Or is it a ploy for me to take his bait and wish him well
Although in the mornings, i’d prefer to say damn it, get lost and ‘go to hell’.
Not in the mood for his smile or his false pretentious ways I have only been awake a short time, the worst of half a day.
And to add to the pain. On my way into work,
British Rail delayed my train, leaving me with no choice but to walk
The day passes swiftly and I make my way home.
‘Good evening’ he declares as he shoves the paper into my path
“What the hell is your problem, before you shove next time ask”
“I have had a very busy day at work and want to go home
Please stop annoying me just leave me alone”
He looks stunned and aghast at my considerable outburst
Enough to drop his papers and ready to cuss and curse
I stood my ground and awaited his angry reply
“Good evening to you sir, London Paper or do you prefer the Lite”

The N Word©Bryan Bailey – 25 March 2007
We are the ghosts of so many slaves,
Whose lives were DESTROYED and crucified.
We DESPAIR as I observe your lives today,
MY SONS speaking words that make us cry.
We took the whip, the chains the oppression,
To enable a freedom that we could not have.
But now I wonder, have you not learned the lesson, That DIVISION is what makes us stagnant
STOP! In the name of all that is holy, We beg thee speak these words no more.
Our souls are entwined in a terrible story,
When our mothers were treated at casual whores
Blood, fear, DEATH, PAIN and hate,
Are the terrible emotions linked with these words.
Please refrain before it’s too late,
You DESTROY all of us, have you not heard?
Do you think so little of yourself? Can you not see the HARM you inflict?
The social whip and chains cut deep today,
Because my sons speak in such rhetoric.
Next time you hear these words so foul,
Be RESPONSIBLE, and let your feelings known.
TEACH the youth and let them see how,
The reality of where this seed was sown.
Because for all the troubles that face you now,
We tremble with anger and DEEP REGRET.
That our children have still not yet found,
There are something’s, we must not forget.
We are the ghosts of so many slaves,
Who cannot close OUR minds to what we have heard.
Please, we DEMAND, please stop today,
Never, ever call your brother the N word

The Truth© Bryan Bailey – 5 September 2006
What does the future hold?
The truth hurts.
Like a welcome friend who turns and betrays you.
Bleeding inwards with blood from my eyes.
Like a nail ripped from your fingers one at a time.
Why do our children die?
Continuous, never ending, deep manipulating.
It cuts you deep, twisting your insides like a knife. Once again
And again, and again.
What is the truth?
Where can it be found?
Don’t be.
The reality of truth is clearly all around,
Because of the lies that continue to grow.
And we as a black nation, divided and poor
Unable to move forward, because we choose more
Of the same blindness to follow and keep.
And we decide.
Influenced by the perpetual lies that makes our mothers weep.
Don’t watch the news or read the papers of those who keep you down.
Don’t be misled by the false stories that abound.
But I am old and yet have just started to learn and understand.
What therefore does the future hold for the younger black man?
Hope is my one saviour and positive action today please.
Remember the past, but do not dwell.
Hold it, read it, take it inside and ….breath
Do not dwell and perpetuate the lie.
Dwell and react, be positive and look to the sky.
For a soul that is tortured and full of pain,
Cannot teach the young for their goals to attain
I have a dream. You have a dream. We all have a dream.
Is it something that can become reality?
Because other nationalities, grow and develop and become what they are destined to be.
What of us. Questions, questions, so many questions.
But what of us?
Where do we start?
Can we reach the future by not being a part of the system,
We must be, if we want to be free.
Partake and mix, vote and use politics.
The answers I have a few, nothing different nothing new.
And then we arrive full circle.
The truth hurts. A lot. And it never stops.
Will it ever stop?

Bryan Bailey has a regular spot on Roots 95.4FM as an elder character called ‘Mr Clarke’, Wise old man who speaks his mind through poetry, on Thursdays between 8 and 10 hosted by ‘The General’ and ‘Mr Bassa’.

” I have been writing ‘seriously’ for about 4 years, because friends and relatives have told me to give it a try. My constant source of encouragement is a lady called Mellissa Sinclair. Love her to bits and she keeps me grounded and pointing in the right direction with her guidance and positive ways. ”

“I am eager to perform my poems, although I would admit I am a shy person. I have thoughts of publishing, but at present am happy to learn the craft of poetry writing and life as it reveals itself to me. My poems can be found on a website and on Feel free to browse these websites because I am always looking for feedback. For how else will I improve. “