Black Hair Income (UK) Network

Kolorpurple Marketing

Network marketing program, Black Hair Income (UK) Network

Kolorpurple Marketing, a Bedford based firm announced the launch of a network marketing program, Black Hair Income (UK) Network to tackle the problem of unemployment amongst women in the African and Caribbean community.

The program will train individuals to deliver a personalized service to customers in their home, featuring, weave and wig fitting, as well as, aftercare consultancy and a range of exclusive hair extension products.

“Taking into consideration, that Black women spend a lot of money on their hair many would welcome the idea of having their weaves and wigs fitted by an expert in the comfort of their home” said Kolorpurple marketing Director and founder Joanne Thomas. “We felt there was a niche for a new type of service for women who are looking for something special and varied in the black hair industry.”

“Despite the recession, the black hair care industry is a growing phenomenon and is currently worth £32bn with a predicted growth of 24% in 2012, I’m confident this service will be well received” said Joanne. “Hair extensions has become the new symbol of hair styling for women of all races, Joanne continued, our service will give women the privacy to have extensions and wig fitted in their homes, access to great products, as well as, providing employment for women who aspire to work in the industry”

With the benefits of technology, the company has also launched an on-line store, which features a collection of fabulous lace wigs, hair extensions and exclusive aftercare products.

Kolorpurple new network marketing program will provide value in several ways, great products, great selection, affordability, personalized service, availability of information and advice, and first class training and employment opportunities.

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