Caribbean Savouries adds a new Caribbean flavour to the UK

Caribbean Savouries Paul Scott

Caribbean Savouries Ltd, founded by Jamaican-born Paul Scott, is a dynamic food distribution company set to take the frozen food world by storm.

Delectable seasoning, juicy beef, flavoured in mouth-watering jerk seasoning wrapped in perfectly formed light golden pastry…just one way to describe the ‘Caribbean Food Delights’ patties from Caribbean Savouries Ltd, a dynamic food distribution company set to take the frozen food world by storm. With products already available to buy at the Frozen Food Ethnic sections nationwide in ASDA; Caribbean Savouries Ltd is certainly making moves to become a force to be reckoned with.

Caribbean Savouries Ltd was founded by Jamaican-born Paul Scott, a vivacious and hard-working entrepreneur with a vision for success and a passion for food. With years of international experience in the distribution industry Paul developed a keen eye for business. Whilst living in New York Paul was introduced to a range of patties that excited his taste buds and enthused his business mind. Upon returning to the UK he offered samples and taste-tests to his potential market and the feedback was phenomenal; with people comparing the range to authentic Jamaican Patties. With this enthusiastic response Caribbean Savouries Ltd was born.

Offering a range of Beef, Chicken and Vegetarian patties ‘Caribbean Food Delights’ from Caribbean Savouries are the only patties available on the market that can be micro-waved without losing texture or quality. No other product on the market can be cooked in this way without impairing its taste and Caribbean Savouries is proud of this fact.

The patties can also be baked in 10 – 12 minutes if you prefer preparing them in the traditional way. The chicken patty consists of chunky boneless chicken wrapped in light golden pastry dough with a spicy curry flavoured filling whilst Vegetarians can enjoy the Vegetable patties which consist of a unique blend of seasoned mixed vegetables wrapped in a whole wheat crust. The patties are also curried or jerked in a light golden crust (Jerk and curry chicken patties will soon be available to buy nationally); delivering an unbeatable taste – ‘Once tasted never forgotten’.

But ‘the proof is in the patty’ as they say and Caribbean Savouries have certainly proven that they are a formidable force in the food industry. The mild beef patties, sold out in just one week at ASDA whist the spicy beef patties have sold out in less than a month. Proving not only that they are unbeatable in quality and value but they are unbeatable in taste.

All products are available to buy at the Frozen Food Ethnic sections ASDA stores across the UK.

Caribbean Savouries