Soca Road March UK 2013

Soca Road March UK logo

Get ready for The Soca Road March 2013

The Soca Road March (UK) is about creating awareness and showing support for The UK based Soca Artists and their music.

The 2013 Soca Road March (UK) contenders are:

Orlando Perez – Summer Girl & Wine That Body

Lutenants – Sleeping Giants & Doh Lecture Me

Natia Daniel – Carnival Time & No Matter De Temperature

Scrappy – Mash Up & Carnival Starter

Deevine – Workers Wanted & Leave Me

Soca Johnny – Don`t Do That & Lets Do It

Soca Princess – Soca Man & Flick

Muzik Lil Muzik – Colonise & Chance

GOODLUCK to all the artists, UK lets get listening!!!!!

Get to know the tracks, so come Carnival Monday, its down to you and your Mas Bands to play the tracks on the road!