Chefs Essentials Calypso Spice

Chefs Essentials Calypso Spice

New Calypso Spice from Chef Andrew Dekannwarri

Chef Andrew Dekannwarri is well accomplished chefs in the cultural food sector, creating a cultural food event company catering to the Afro Caribbean food sector. Armed with the 20 years experience and knowledge in cultural cooking, Andrew decided it was time to give cultural food a face lift, the need for cultural food to be re-designed with that European twist. Andrew set out to create a brand of hand blended spice blends that enhance food especially in the West Indian food sector.

“Calypso Spice the first in the new brand Chef Essentials has that fruity aroma that combines the flavours of 10 key spices roasted and blended to perfection creating the first in our easy to use spice blends.”

Chefs Essentials Calypso spice is a unique blend of dry spices ideal for seasoning fish, meat, chicken & vegetables providing a simple solution to add exotic flavours to sauces, marinades and dressings.

‘Calypso spice’ is the first in a new brand of flavour enhancing products aimed to help create dishes in the Caribbean cultural food sector.

Simply, arming the consumer with the tools to create some mouth watering dishes and give them more flavours to experiment with but keep it plain & simple.