Chilli Melon Greetings Cards Launches

Chilli Melon Greetings Cards

New online multicultural greeting cards company Chilli Melon Greetings Cards Launches

‘We Go Together Like Ackee and Salt Fish’…Just one of the innovative card designs from new online multicultural greeting cards company Chilli Melon.

Company Founders, husband and wife team, Ricky Patel and Syreeta Stewart are both British born – but also have Indian and Caribbean heritage. Growing up in Britain, both felt there was a gap in the market for modern greeting cards that embraced their experience as 1st generation Britons. However, as Ricky points out ‘In today’s market it is no longer a niche just to create cards for the ethnic market, instead today’s multicultural Britain is trendy and current, therefore we have created our cards with this in mind. People embrace both their British roots and their parent’s heritage – creating an integrated society. This involves many things – from jokes between generations to their sense of style. We wanted to bring all of these influences together in a contemporary and fun way.’

However, there were two main events that convinced the couple that there were several gaps in the market that had not yet been filled. The first was when they came to search for wedding invitations for their own wedding. ‘Being a mixed race couple, we realised that there were no greeting cards and invites out there for us in the UK’ Syreeta explains. ‘This was something a lot of our friends were also experiencing, so we knew there was a UK demand for greeting cards that were both contemporary and cultural’. The London Olympics also made the pair realise how few greeting cards there were to reflect this growing diversity in Britain. ‘The opening ceremony of the Olympics was such a diverse event. It included many cultures – black, Asian and mixed race performers’ states Ricky. ‘Yet we thought, there is nothing out there that represents this type Britain?’ Hence, Chilli Melon was born.

Chilli Melon is a unique venture, as not only does it fill several gaps in the market, it allows online users to personalise cards themselves, through a simple step by step process. ‘We have greeting cards where the user can add their favourite photo to, as well as adding their loved ones names. A personalised card with a name plus a photo makes our cards that extra bit special.’ The cards also stay true to embracing all aspects of living in a multicultural society. ‘Our core value is ‘Celebrating You’ says Syreeta. ‘Our greeting cards will make the recipient feel like they are being celebrated for their uniqueness and diversity. We want our cards to make them laugh, feel proud and appreciated.’

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