Community Crime Prevention Initiative CSTV ( sent your Council, a proven Triple A Community solution to youth crime, on 5th June 06 and again on 21st January 07 – (see below). This before the current headlines on drug gang shootings. Working together we could have saved young lives but you’re still not listening to the kids. How cheap is life? How many more kids have to die before you stop talking and take action at street level?

It is estimated that seven million offences are caused by under 18’s every year. Most of this ‘youth crime’ is the result of anti social behaviour, street crime and violence.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Kids are brilliant! Triple A recognise the power of their creative energy because we work with them every day and we strive to help them create a safer crime free future.

Behind the statistics, the bad press and the community backlash, lie some unpalatable truths. ‘Responsible adults’ are quick to blame, but slow to take any responsibility. Kids aren’t born bad. We make them that way. We give them no guidance, no resources, no care. With nowhere to go, and nothing to do, is it any wonder that these forgotten millions seek refuge in gangs?

And now we learn the Government Plans to Scrap the much needed Probation Service which is greatly appreciated as a source of support by young offenders. Napo held it’s 94th Annual General Meeting on the 6th of October 2006, at a time when the Government is actively planning to scrap and privatise the National Probation Service. The Napo AGM was attended by over 600 members from the Probation Service and the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (CAFCASS) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and debated a series of motions which were highly critical of Government policy.

The Queen’s Speech in November contained a Bill which, if implemented, will abolish the National Probation Service and replace it with a fragmented raft of private voluntary and public sector providers. In effect, competition will be introduced for the supervision of offenders. It is highly likely that a whole Probation Service such as London could be handed over to private sector companies to cut costs and become the subject of profit. In 2000 the government promised action against the growing gun culture on the streets. In 2002 the Home Office scrapped the Ballistics Gun Crime Database.

Following the recent deaths of teenagers shot in gangland turf wars the Home Office announced the introduction of a Ballistics Gun Crime Database in April 2008. We have to wait fourteen months for a replacement database to be put in place before we can gain the benefit of its use, such incompetence prevents the police from doing their job, had the previous database not been dropped to cut costs young lives may have been saved through the intelligence provided in tracking the use of illegal guns since 2000.

Last summer Ex-Flying Squad Commander John O’Connor nicknamed Commander Crimeshare by the kids contacted the Home Office introducing CSTV and advising them of our proposal and received an encouraging response from David Simmonds who is attached to the ‘Respect Task Force’. A copy of David’s letter is below, and we had hoped local authorities would take full advantage of the £53 million funds available to kick start CrimeshareTV in their local communities, because apart from dishing out ASBOs the fight against terrorism and crime is everybody’s responsibility which is why media friendly ex top cop John O’Connor elected to oversee operations at Crimeshare TV. John is consistently consulted by broadcasters including the BBC and Sky and can regularly be seen on TV giving his professional opinion on major crimes. In June 2006 Commander Crimeshare contacted Borough Councils in the UK inviting their participation in the CSTV initiative by establishing Triple A Community Studios in their area to facilitate local kids participation in operating CSTV and other activities of their choice (see website.) The lack of response was decidedly disappointing but given the Prime Minister’s Christmas announcement of his new initiative ‘Nuff Respect’ it was unanimously decided by Crimeshare Kids to try again.

There are proven psychological reasons for using the tag ‘studios’ as opposed to Youth Clubs, Church Halls etc to give a sense of ownership to the kids. We use a friendly non-political or religious brand which kids relate to as being ‘cool’ because it represents fun, interesting things to do and be proud of. In our experience kids are not afraid of free speech because they have nothing to hide, they just want to be part of the new media team busy creating a safe, secure future and are prepared to work to get it. Education and training based Triple A Multimedia Group see kids as the solution not the problem because we’re good at what we do and enjoy every minute doing it. Local Councils stand to benefit hugely by adopting the same policy meeting the kids halfway in using the internet to resolve the misery of crime ridden streets destroying community life.

In general it is accepted terrorism is now part of everyday life and the police need all the help they can get but people don’t know how best to report their suspicions of possible terrorists living in their communities. CSTV gives them a local friendly means to share their information without embarrassment should their suspicions prove groundless because CSTV in partnership with NARPO plan for each studio to be overwatched by local retired policemen to help evaluate the information. Triple A, through its global community service arm CrimeshareTV, are piloting a brand new initiative designed to take kids off the streets and back into the community. With sponsorship from major brand names and with volunteers from the media industry and local communities, we are setting up Triple A Studios up and down the country.

The Triple A Brand, in partnership with our sponsors, are actively seeking to work together with UK borough councils and local kids to create a Crimeshare Culture in the fight against drugs,gangs and gun crime. There is an urgent need for rent / rates free unused buildings i.e. shops, restaurants, pubs, warehouses to establish a local Triple A Studio for kids to operate the growing family of the on-line global community crime prevention website

In return CrimeshareTV will work to reduce the cost of crime to the community through council taxes. The same buildings will be used by local kids to make records, film’s TV etc and with help organise a range of activities involving vocational training and education as a step towards achieving a Triple A CV to use to gain meaningful employment in any area they choose.

These fully equipped Studios are open when the kids need them, not when the adults can be bothered. The kids themselves decide what they want to do. Projects as diverse as TV pilots, website design, journalism and modelling have all been undertaken. Up and coming initiatives include inter – studio Olympics and battle of the bands. To date of course the kids are disappointed at the lack of interest in this initiative and at being dissed yet again by the establishment who illegally closed down their website Christmas 2005 but their enthusiasm remained undaunted and they quickly relaunched the site abroad out of reach of corrupt British officials which we applaud and appreciate at Triple A.

A little responsibility goes a long way towards achieving a Crimeshare Culture – what are you doing?

Kind Regards Terry Armstrong CEO Triple A Multimedia Group

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