ADAD Trailblazers special

Trailblazers Exposure Showcase 2014

ADAD presents a day of workshops featuring dance from the African Diaspora.

This one day event is an ADAD Trailblazers special with six current and past award winning fellows.

Trailblazers Showcase – Exposure. This mixed bill presents a range of performances incorporating film, installation, abstract choreography, dancehall, reggae and Guinean dance theatre with live music by ADAD’s 2013-14 Trailblazing artists Idrissa Camara, Cindy Claes, Cleo Lake, Kenzi Ireland and Denise Rowe.

Co-curated by Trailblazer Champions Denise Rowe and Vicki Igbokwe the evening offers a tour through the far reaches of African diaspora dance as it is being explored and expressed today. ADAD is a national organisation that supports the practice and appreciation of dance of the African Diaspora.

With a mixed bill of styles including Dancehall, Afro-House, Carnival, there is something for everyone!

– 9am: Dancehall (Cindy Claes) / Adults
– 11am: African Dance (Kenzi Ireland) / Families – children 5+
– 12.15pm: African Contemporary (Denise Rowe) / Adults
– 1.45pm: Carnival/Reggae (Cleo Jahlake) / 60+ years
– 3pm: Guinean Dance (Idrissa Camara) / Adults
– 4:30pm: Afro-House (Vicki Uchenna Igbokwe) / Adults

Friday 17 May 2014
Tickets: £12 Adult / £8 Family workshop / £40 Day pass

To book your ticket, please visit