Afrocats African Caribbean Dance Workshops

Afrocats Dance Workshops

Afrocats African and Caribbean Dance Workshops

Afrocats provide African and Caribbean dance workshops at competitive rates delivered by professional artist and workshop facilitators.

We offer long term project, week long residencies, weekly classes and one-off workshops in primary and secondary schools, community groups etc.

‘Afrocats brings a vibrancy and cultural dance element which is particular important to the arts scene, it helps engage with young people and inform and share dance as a practise but also a different global perspective which can often be missing from programs of work.’ Rochdale Library

Afrocats will be taking bookings from March 2015 to deliver workshops locally, nationally and regionally.

To find out more about afrocats check out our website at, follow us on facebook at or Twitter @afrocatsarts.

If you need any information or a consultation please do not hesitate to contact us on 07834083437 or by email on