Batuke Festival 2014

Batuke Festival UK 2014

DANCE YOUR WAY through a unique cultural experience with BATUKE! Festival 2014

BATUKE! is a 4 day multicultural arts festival in London which offers participants a highly stimulating and immersive experience of Luso-Afro culture. The event consists of a series of music and dance workshops, seminars, dance and theatre performances, film screenings, social dance events and participation at the Notting Hill Carnival.

BATUKE! 2014, the fifth international Afro-Latin music & dance festival in the UK. Kizomba, Semba, Zouk, Coladera, Makuela, Kuduro and many more African dance styles from Luso-African countries will be at the heart of this unique event taking place in Central London this August.

Now in its fourth edition, critically acclaimed and recommended mainstream & specialist dance press, the first BATUKE! Festival was held in September 2010 and was a tremendous success with over 300 people attending. Of those, about 150 attendees were from all over Europe, hailing from countries such as Poland, Kazakstan, Spain, France, USA, Germany, Denmark and Switzerland to name a few.

22nd-25th August 2014

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