Redbridge Dance Festival 2011

Redbridge Dance Festival UK

Redbridge Dance Festival is breaking all the rules in expanding its festival in showcasing exceptional talent from across the UK, in using a range of technology and incorporating the whole community, young and old alike. Yes, Redbridge Dance Festival is really focused on ensuring that everyone knows that the show has come to town and is accessible to all. The festival runs from 4th June – 24th August 2011 and is in venues in and around Redbridge.

Redbridge Dance Festival 2011 is a packed programme full of performances from award winning and exceptional talent, including acts: Live vibe – Created by Impact Dance, Colours of the Rainbow by I love Salsa and Dance International performed by local dance troops.

The calibre of the talent in the show includes: International Dance Federation (IDF) World Dance Champions – I love Salsa squad who won 22 Gold Medals and Carol & Austin who won Gold in the Cuban Salsa.

Live vibe recognised as the Sadler’s Wells resident dance event has been instrumental in the careers of dance troop – Flawless and is coming to the east as Live Vibe – east bring a exciting range of talent.

Bonita Cattle, co-ordinator of the festival stated: “We are so pleased to be in the position to bring such a fantastic show to town. The focus of the event is to ensure that we bring fabulous acts to the stage to the venues in Redbridge, including: Kenneth More Theatre, Central Library and much more”.

Irven Lewis exhibition will be located in the Foyer of Central Library from 1st July – 17th July with a launch on 5th July. Another feature of the festival is the Dance and Photography workshops hosted by award winning photographer Carole Edrich taking place on the 15th June and 17th June 2011.

Cattle continues “we are also proud to incorporate other art forms including photography, with a workshop by Carol Edrich – award winning dance photographer and an exhibition entitled Stealing Moments by photographer Irven Lewis”.

To ensure that there are no restrictions in accessing Redbridge have employed new technology for the festival to ensure 24hours booking opportunity. The new online booking system allows for bookings anytime of the day and like many online booking systems you can get your tickets immediately. In addition you can view the list of all the events available to purchase throughout the event.

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