Robert Hylton Urban Classicism presents Swan Break

Robert Hylton Swan Breaks

A Dance Story of love and betrayal between the natural world, humans and technology.


A Dance Story of love and betrayal between the natural world, humans and technology.

With his signature blend of Hip Hop infused contemporary dance, critically acclaimed dancer/choreographer Robert Hylton reinvents traditional dance, storytelling & theatre with original music and innovative technology.

Swan Breaks is an adaptation of ballet classic Swan Lake, Hylton is our modern day Siegfried, the soon-to-be king of clubs. Bored with the constant attentions of narcissistic females, Siegfried travels beyond his kingdom into cyberspace, searching for his perfect virtual beauty. Discovering Odette, our hero descends into a netherworld of addictive love, masterminded by his evil counterpart Rothbart.

Swan Breaks asks if love is destined to be misplaced as science evolves, is the outcome the prognosis for our relationships, present and future?

Robert Hylton Urban Classicism interpret this classic story complete with a brand new soundtrack from award-winning producer and DJ, Billy Biznizz. In addition, the company are joined by six specially commissioned robotic systems, adding mystery, mischief and magic to this brand new work.

Swan Breaks premiers at Laban, Creekside, London SE8, 3DZ October 11th, 2007

Artistic Team:
Robert Hylton – Director/ Performer/Choreographer
Billy Biznizz – Musical Director
Emma Wee – Designer
Itai Erdal – Lighting Designer
Karena Johnson – Dramaturgy

Premiere Thursday 11th October 2007
Laban Theatre
London SE8 3DZ
Tickets: £12/£8 (conc.)
Box Office; 020 8469 9500
Monday-Saturday; 10.00 – 20.00hrs