Traditional Caribbean Dance

Traditional dances from the islands of the Caribbean
Everybody has heard of the popular Dancehall styles, along with the likes of the Mambo and Limbo, however there are a whole range of traditional dances from the many islands of the Caribbean, Jonkonnu, Tambu, Oreisha, and Shango to name a few.
These dances have their roots in both African and European cultures, creating a unique form of expression and cultural identity. Many elements of traditional African dance, can be seen in Caribbean dance forms, fusing together the elements of history and culture.Africa has a rich dance culture, and all areas of social life include dancing. Popular dances such as the Rumba, Mambo, and Samba all have roots in Africa.
Today Hip-Hop has become the main focus of popular dance, leaving the traditional elements of Caribbean culture by the wayside. It remains important to keep the dances, costumes, music and the stories of how they came to be. They provide a deeper understanding of Caribbean roots and culture.
So Celebrate and Dance!
Traditional Caribbean dance styles
Abakua – Afro-Cuban
Beguine – Guadeloupe, Martinique
Bellair – Trinidad
Bongo – Trinidad
Brukin’s – Jamaica
Caribbean Quadrilles – Jamaica
Dinki Mini – Jamaica
Gere – Jamaica
Gumbay – Jamaica Goombay – Bahamas
Ibo – Haiti
Jonkonnu – Jamaica
Kumina – Jamaica
Oreisha – Cuba
Tambu – Afro-Curacao