1980s Fashion Archive Display

Jamaica Fashion Exhibition

1980s Fashion Archive Display at RICH MIX in Shoreditch

Jamaica Hidden Histories are excited to present the 1980s Fashion Archive Display at RICH MIX in Shoreditch. The exhibition features Drawings and photographs produced by Jamaican born designer, Lorna Holder – when she was Head of Young Fashion at Davies & Field from 1979-1986 — along with in-depth photographic and video presentations of 1980s fashion business archives.

Through this unique display the Jamaica Hidden Project explores the hidden connections between people and places. A perfect example being that the impressive RICH MIX building, which is now a dynamic Cultural Foundation, once housed Davies & Field, one of the UK’s largest dress manufacturing companies.

The exhibition illuminates Lorna’s personal journey as a respected designer in the fashion industry and excitingly illustrates how the industry operated in contrast to the industry today and explores our changing attitudes to fashion and material goods.

Whilst at Davies & Field, Lorna created designs for major chain stores such as Littlewoods, Etam, Berkertex and Lady at Lord John. She designed the Justine ‘young fashion’ range for Littlewoods catalogue, and created one of the first celebrity fashion endorsements in a main stream catalogue for the Olympian swimmer Sharon Davies.

The videos featured in the display include recent interviews with the Sample Pattern Cutters who worked with Lorna over 27 years ago. They share their stories and experiences of working in the Davies & Field building and in the commercial fashion industry.

Jamaica Hidden Histories is an educational project by Full Spectrum Productions and supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund. It aims to unearth and communicate information to understand the history of Jamaica, its distinctive cultural identity and links with Britain. The project will explore how Jamaican culture has become a recognisable and global brand.


1980s Fashion Archive Display Details:
11th – 27th September 2014
10am – 11pm
Lower Café
Rich Mix
35-47 Bethnal Green Road
London E1 6LA

Hidden Histories at Rich Mix