2014 FDC Young Designer Awards is now open

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Enter the 2014 FDC Young Designer Awards

FDC Young Designer Award invites creative and talented multicultural young designers, between the ages of 9-29 years to enter for the titles of Young Designer of the Year, Avant-Garde Designer of the Year Emerging Designer of the year and Radical designer of the year.

The Fashion Designers’ & Craft Makers’ Young Designer Award is aimed at discovering young cutting edge fashion talent. Our judges look for the candidates who show the most creativity, originality and interpretation of the brief.

Designers are placed in to age categories and are given an opportunity to express their individualism and creative flare within each category. Young designers are given a brief that will encourage them to demonstrate that they have what it takes to be a future innovator.

Winners who can deliver and fit the criteria for an established fashion week will be given an opportunity for their work to be put before the panel of directors of Vancouver Fashion Week. Other winners will be given the opportunity to debut a collection in our FDC showcase in New York.

The search is now on for the next 2014 FDC Young Designer of the Year
To take part email: youngdesignerawards@hotmail.com for an application form. Designers must state their age and which part of the British Isles they reside.

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The awards takes place in London in the autumn of 2014.