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got bajan? Fashion line

‘got bajan?’ is a trendy and vibrant clothing line that appeals to all ages and sizes. The Creative director and C.E.O., a young Barbadian entrepreneur with a keen eye for fashion utilized his artistic background to morph catchy slogans and ‘bajan filled’ designs to create the ‘got bajan’ line.

The ‘got bajan?’ line comprises of t-shirts, baby tees, tank tops, tube tops, polo shirts, blouses and dresses; all of which are of the highest quality. We have also introduced a kiddies line as well as swimwear, key chains, playing cards, place mats, hats, bags and post cards. In accordance with our mission, we aim to please and want everyone to feel the ‘bajan vibe’ and spirit. We are attempting to make producing and buying Barbadian products the trend in today’s world of supporting things stamped with the tag ‘made in the U.S.A or China’, and show the world that we too, are major competitors on the global market, capable of producing items of the highest standard and making our contribution to the concept of globalization.

‘got bajan?’ is endorsed by some of Barbados finest; Peter Ram, Lil Rick and Allison Hinds, who wore our product to perform in at the Stanford 2020 Cricket. Internationally renown artists have also developed a fascination for our products, such as Collie Budz, Spragga Benz, Sizzla and 2Face Idibia from Nigeria, whose performance was featured in an article in the Advocate, Nation news paper and the HEAT endorsing the brand. Miss Barbados also proudly represented Barbados in our merchandise and we have been chosen as the brand for supporters of many events to flaunt during competitions.

Barbadians overseas have taken to this trend, as is demonstrated when looking at pictures from events such as the Labour Day Parade in New York, Caribbana in Toronto, Miami Carnival and cricket especially all over the world. Indeed we have a proven track record and feel we are making a positive contribution to our country and see our brand as benefiting those who share the same Bajan Pride! The Barbados Students Associations both in Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago have been faithful supporters of our products, utilizing them as their means of being identified as Barbadians at functions and events, broadcasting their national pride, region and world wide.

We are also pleased to say that we have been invited on several occasions to display ‘got bajan?’ apparel in various fashion shows, and have received very positive responses, slowly affording us the opportunity to break into the fashion world in a major way.

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