Have you got your Deeasjer’s on?

Deeasjer Designs UK

Once you have experienced Deeasjer footwear you will never feel the same about shoes.

Deeasjer stands for elegance, femininity and style, incorporating from the Rococo period of the 18th Century a look that appeals to the senses, stressing beauty and sophistication.

Attention to detail in our shoes and handbags is second to none. Deeasjer uses the finest luxurious Italian leather, hand-woven satin and accessories with very unusual decor.

Deeasjer and associated designers like to keep our creative processes a closely-guarded secret from rivals, but we can reveal that hand painting is just one of the extra special touches we can add just for you.

Deeasjer is one of the few top designers who still manufacture within the UK. Our aim is to fulfil your desires. Mass production will never cater for the individual; no two people have the same style or taste.

We pride ourselves as being in the tradition of the great Cordwainers, crafting soft leather with our passionate hands to give your feet comfort – and a feeling of sensuality. Charlene Beckett, Deeasjer’s Creative Director, says: “My love affair with shoes began awakening when studying interior design.

“I was fascinated and strongly-influenced by Erte, the designer extraordinaire, Wassily Kandinsky and by Rococo’s delicate colouring, dominated by femininity.

Deeasjer Designs Shoes UK

“The range of designs, love of beauty and feminine influences from these periods are truly inspiring. Their use of shapes and colours, and how that translates and vibrates, have made a lasting impression on me, which transcends to my shoes.

“I love what I do and continue to be inspired.”

Deeasjer also produces a limited collection range, which exudes new and exciting styles. Catering just for you is what we do best!

The question on everyone’s lips will be: “Where did you get those fabulous shoes?”