The Kulture2Coture event held each November provides the opportunity for London’s black African and Caribbean fashion designers to show their collections.

Kulture2couture: The Catwalk Colored Black
By Sherry Tagoe

Anticipation built within as I waited in the dim lighted surroundings of the Victoria & Albert Museum Hall. Here I sat surrounded by all walks of the fabulously fashionable life. To my left, a mother and her daughter who attended the Kulture2Couture after reading an advertisement in the underground. The duo said they had come to see what the entire buzz was about and they could not believe it was free. A handsome male model that came to observe his competition in full swing sat poised on my right. Mr. Model informed me events like this, (geared towards people of color) is a great way for professionals like him to network and perfect his craft.

Kulture2Couture caught me in the trance of beautiful music and an equally beautiful crowd. The models came down the snow colored carpet catwalk with a professional presence and an attitude that was fierce. May I say these models definitely appealed to the majority? There were no zero sized models represented at this forum. The talent presented as curvy, strong and sophisticated eye candy. The designers were on there A game as well.

Some of my absolute favorites are featured below as well as their links so you can explore just as I have. Koshiba Creations LTD
This label was the first to hit the stage at the Kulture2Couture. These designs evoke everything that is feminine and sexy. Its use of corsetry and chiffon like fabrics and lace recreated the hourglass figure. www.kosibah.co.uk

Natasha Wright
Kulture2Couture Designer Wright launched the audience forward with her futuristic spin on metallic fabric and shimmer accessories. These diamond debutants graced the catwalk with over sized shades, stiletto heels and feminine curves reflecting precious metals. www.NatashaWright.com

Georgina Harley-Smith
Nightgown and sheer fabrics drew the audience into this designer’s vision. Decorated with exaggerated bows at the waist and satin ties that formulated shape complemented the more voluptuous figure. g.harleysmith@btinternet.com

This 1950’s Victorian inspired label worked the runway at Kuture2Couture. This outlet showed the sexiness of the female definition through silk and vibrant colors. This design explored the high waist, tight seamed world of naughty lace and posh pearls.

Kulture2Couture did a great job of making sure that the couture male was also represented at this event. These designers used a combination of urban fashion and military cuts to introduce their edgy masculine style.

This years Trailblazer award went to Trinidadian born Andrew Ramroop, for his exquisite Saville Row Tailoring.
Andrew Ramroop www.savilerowtailor.com

others incuded

Roy Ashong www.royashong.com

Patrick Kevin www.patrickkevin.com

This event was definitely one to see. Along with the focal point of the catwalk came other fashion forward forums. The knowledge and inspiration segment of the Kulture2Couture provided workshops, seminars and Master classes. These gatherings were facilitated by the best in the business. This event partnered with the Portobello Business Centre, Parsons The New School For Design, as well as FashionWorks Kulture2Couture was both informative as well as child friendly.

If you missed this event or have questions on breaking into the fashion industry you can continue to check this site for updates.