Love and be Loved by Amin Philips

Love and Be Loved Fashion

Love and be Loved by Amin Philips creates innovative tailored clothes, in a range of fabrics to fit women of all sizes.

Beautifully cut jackets, flowing dresses feature in his ready to wear seletion.

Wedding dresses are another speciality, stylish bridal gowns, with dried flowers delicately sewn into the fabrics, give any bride that special touch.

“I have always seen myself as a designer, when I was young I was always painting people, but it was the clothes that I was really interested in. I then went on to study art and design in Colchester. Now I have my two collections each year, and make wedding dresses all year round which I enjoy. I will work closely with the client to create the perfect dress for the day.”

For an appointment at the Love and be Loved Studio in East London, please email or call to book and appointment.