Survey Highlights Desire for Designer Brands

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Safojo survey highlights African-British women’s desire for designer brands

UK Black African and African Caribbean women’s preferences and spending habits for designer clothes and top name brands have been revealed in a survey.

The survey was carried out on behalf of Safojo, an online fashion accessories store which specialises in African print windproof umbrellas. The aim was to look at fashion and accessory spending by African-British women, a subject often ignored by mainstream organisations.

The findings show that among those surveyed there is a section of women prepared to stretch their budgets to the limit to purchase leading brand clothing.

Sarah Teibo of Safojo said: “Where being stylish and fashionable is concerned, about 75% of women from Black African/African Caribbean heritage who prefer designer brands over non-brands said they didn’t mind getting into debt to lay their hands on their favourite designer labels, which according to our survey, appears to be Louis Vuitton and Chanel.”

The vast majority of those who took part in the survey were aged between 21 and 49 and were based in London and the south-east of England. Questioned about their fashion tastes and buying habits over half the women admitted they chose to buy designer wear at last least once or twice a month and around four-fifths bought at least once a month.

Three-quarters of these women claimed they liked purchasing designer clothing and accessories because it made them happy and they found the products both more tasteful and of a higher quality.

The cost of these designer ranges did not appear to put them off making regular purchases as almost half of those surveyed were spending between £200 and £500 a month.

This desire for high cost designer brands was not universal among all those surveyed. Most of the women who rarely, if at all, spent money on designer clothing did not rank it high on their list of purchasing priorities.

Among those disinterested in designer brands claimed it was too expensive or a sheer waste of money. The fear of landing themselves in debt was also cited as a reason why these women chose not to buy high fashion products.

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