Threadneedleman Bespoke Tailor

Threadneedleman George Dyer

George Dyer is one of London’s finest bespoke Tailors.

He has been making suits for over 30 years, at school, the budding tailor had gone through the usual route from Mod to Skin to Suedehead before settling on the Soulboy style.

In 1972, he entered the cloth trade. George first worked on Berwick Street then went to Brixton, where he recalls a lot of youths with Caribbean roots ordering the Rude Boy look – that was a suit made out of Tonik material, a three button jacket, the trousers short enough to show off the socks and a pork-pie hat perched on top.
George says, “the Brixton boys would have side vents on their jackets but the Peckham boys would have a centre vent.

So, when they went out to a blues or a party they would be able to identify each other. A small but very important detail. Lots of rivalry and very creative tailoring.”

Today, George is still based in South London and has an impressive roster of clients including World boxing champ David Haye, Suggs, DJ Sarah C of Vibes FM, amongst others.

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