Bare Recipes Made Easy Nuh

Bare RecipesMade Easy Nuh

Award Winning Caribbean Chefs Natalie Wedderburn and Heru Asesimba Announce Debut eCookbook ‘Bare Recipes Made Easy Nuh’

Just three short years ago Heru Asesimba and Natalie Wedderburn started Easy Nuh Caribbean Cuisine a Catering Company with the hopes of scraping out a living doing what they love: cooking and teaching others about Caribbean cuisine.

Word quickly spread about their market stall in Kent and a grassroots following quickly emerged. After winning national entrepreneurial and cooking awards the duo is set to release their debut e-cookbook ‘Bare Recipes made Easy Nuh.’

“Our cookbook was compiled after speaking with over 1000 Caribbean food enthusiasts to find out what recipes they loved, what types of Caribbean cuisine they wanted to learn how to cook and much more. It contains a perfect blend of the most popular meat dishes, less well known vegan dishes and even secret family recipes laid out and explained in easy to understand terms” said Easy Nuh co-founder and co-author Heru Asesimba.

Caribbean cuisine has a way of brining people together. Asesimba and Wedderburn have captured that special community dynamic in their book by offering readers direct access in an exclusive online group featuring live monthly Q&A sessions, video tutorials and exclusive ‘secret recipes.’

‘Bare Recipes made Easy Nuh’ was written for the novice Caribbean cook with no experience as well as individuals who have been cooking authentic Caribbean dishes for years. The book also contains shopping lists and commonly used ingredients deemed essential to have in the cupboards and spice racks.

When asked about the cookbook, Glenice Lake of London stated, “In the words of my children, ‘OMDZ’ (Oh My Days)! It’s absolutely brilliant, one of the best cookery books I’ve come across. The definitions with pictures are a very nice touch.”

‘Bare Recipes made Easy Nuh’ comes in three different electronic versions available for instant download through and The three versions include the full ebook with over 20 recipes, fan Q&A section and links to the Easy Nuh community, the Easy Nuh Lite edition and the Easy Nuh Vegan edition.

Download your copy of Bare Recipes made Easy Nuh