Have Yourself a Caribbean Christmas!

With the festive period moving closer, the winter blues might be leaving you stuck for creative ideas to brighten up your Christmas. Here, Elina Davis, joint owner of the Caribbean Food Company gives you five ideas to bring a little taste of the Caribbean into your festivities.

Although the Caribbean is hot and sunny and never looks like a traditional Christmas card scene, the festive period is just as important, with families getting together, presents, decorations and of course, food. So if you fancy introducing some sunshine into your seasonal celebrations, try my top tips for a Caribbean Christmas.

• Instead of stuffing your turkey or goose with a plain sage and onion stuffing, try livening up your dish with a fruity stuffing of pineapple, banana, ginger and lime juice – you could even add some rum if you’re not cooking for the kids this year!

• Yams are already widely enjoyed across the United States of America as part of Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations, but they’re still relatively unused here. A delicious alternative to potatoes, you can treat yams in exactly the same way and give your meal a twist on the usual roast potatoes.

• Try breaking from tradition, and instead of filling up on stodgy Christmas cake or pudding, try light and fresh banana fritters with ice cream. If you miss the festive aspect, you could always serve them with brandy cream!

• Christmas will go with a swing with a delicious Caribbean punch. Mix plenty of rum with orange, pineapple and lime juices, and combine with either ginger beer or banana liqueur depending on your taste. Always garnish with plenty of ice and wedges of fruit, and you can even try adding spices such as ginger, cinnamon or nutmeg if you fancy something special.

• If you decide to give up entirely on the formality and stress of a full Christmas dinner, why not try a Caribbean-inspired buffet instead. Try a range of traditional dishes such as Ackee and Salt Fish, Broiler and Caribbean Chicken, as well as a selection of snacks such as meat patties, chicken pieces in spicy seasoning and wedges of plantain, and of course the famous spicy barbeque Jerk Chicken.

For more information on the Caribbean Food Company and the range of ready meals available at selected ASDA stores, visit www.caribbeanreadymeals.com.

The Caribbean Food Company was established in 2001 by husband and wife team, Mark and Elina Davis. Inspired by the influential heritage of the Caribbean, the company offers British food lovers a range of new, modern and exclusive food products.