The Lane

Where to go for those intimate occasions?

High profile celebrities such as Kate Moss are known for shunning the dazzling lights of London’s west end for more privacy. Amy Whinehouse, who is always hounded by the press last week, said goodbye as her beloved hang out Camden’s Hawley Arms pub burnt to the ground.

With Camden in ashes celebrities need not fear as East London’s Brick Lane now has a new escape. The Lane provides a break from the blinding flashes of paparazzi, even American Superstars such as Multi platinum selling songstress Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child has found herself retreating to the restaurant where she will be celebrating her birthday.

The 5 star menus offer a welcome break to the typical idea of what is Brick Lane i.e. endless curry houses. The Lane dishes up gourmet Caribbean cuisine in opulent surroundings that lack any pretense. It is a restaurant where the ordinary and the celebrity dine together in comfort. The glorious flavors sampled at The Lane can be credited to award winning Chef Collin Brown, three times recipient of the Caribbean Chef of the Year Award with a menu which includes traditional dishes such as champagne chicken rundown, and his signature dish Collin Rum Cake Surprise.

Tables can be booked by calling the number below.