Morant Bay Rum Cocktails And Events

Morant Bay Rum Decanter Range

Morant Bay Distillery UK rum producer with a Jamaican roots expands into events and catering, in collaboration with a Michelin experienced chef, award winning chocolatier and mixologist. Will be serving canapés, Caribbean themed menus, chocolates, signature cocktails as well as looking to develop pre-mix cocktails with their rum for the events sector.

The growth in batch, pre-made and ready to drink cocktails is definitely worth exploring due to the fact that large
quantities for event catering can be cost effective and convenient, we’re able to work with a number of volume cocktail contract producers.

The distillery is a champion and supporter of the RUM Dining revolution, a concept based around the inclusion of rum infused and inspired dishes, that was presented earlier this year at the International Food & Drink Expo in March.

This move is reflective of a number of themes and trends to expand the presence of rum and showcase it’s flexibility
beyond cocktails and desserts, the inclusion of a culinary element brings a more adventurous creative note to food menus and canapés from Morant Bay.

The first outing will be hosting the drinks reception for the Caribbean Travel Awards, organised by Caribbean Tourism Organisation with The Telegraph.

The reception will feature a Morant Bay Signature Spiced Edition Red Rum cocktail created for the event for upto 300 attendees, the same rum has been entered and shortlisted for the International Spirits Challenge Award later in June. So this could be a double celebration for the Morant Bay Distillery all-round.

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