Mrs Muamba’s Caribbean Sauces Launches into Booths and Asda

Mrs Muambas Caribbean Cooking Sauces

Fabrice Muamba’s wife Shauna launches Mrs Muamba’s Caribbean Sauces

New brand Mrs Muamba’s range of authentic ambient Caribbean Cooking Sauces launches into Booths and Asda stores in the North West and North Yorkshire this month.

Shauna Muamba and her husband Fabrice have created a range of five sauces to introduce everyone to the versatility of Caribbean cuisine.

Shauna’s passion for food started as a child growing up in Jamaica and this love of food has continued to this day. It was this passion and desire to share the flavours of the Caribbean with others that led Shauna to set up Shauna’s Ltd Caribbean Catering Company.

Whilst running the catering business the idea for developing a range of sauce evolved.

Shauna Mrs Muambas Range

“My business was performing well – so I knew people would appreciate having the authentic flavours of the Caribbean in their own home, sauces created in my kitchen without all the artificial nasties”. The taste bud tingling range comprises of Brown Stew, Caribbean BBQ, Jerk, Caribbean Sweet and Spicy and Caribbean Curry”.

“It is fantastic that my range of Caribbean sauces will be available in Booths and Asda and that their customers will be able to experience the true flavours of the Caribbean.

Also importantly a small donation from the sale of every jar will go to the Hearts and Goals charity which will help increase accessibility of defibrillators, which will save lives”.

Fabrice suffered a sudden cardiac arrest whilst playing for Bolton Wanderers against Tottenham in an FA Cup quarter final match watched by millions of TV viewers 2 years ago. Fortunately a defibrillator was on site and it was this equipment, along with the combined skills of the medical teams on the scene and at hospital which saved his life.

This life-changing event led to the team up of Mrs Muamba’s with Arrhythmia Alliance, the heart rhythm charity and their campaign to raise awareness of sudden cardiac arrest, ‘Hearts & Goals’.

The charity aims to make defibrillators publically accessible to all. Shauna Muamba shares this vision and hopes to have defibrillators in the supermarkets that the Mrs Muamba’s range is stocked in.

Mrs Muamba’s Caribbean Sauces