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Raw Food Revelations – Good Nutrition is the Foundation of Good Health

This January are you planning to kickstart your way to a cleaner and more nutritionally rich lifestyle. Are you learning more about how to Count chemicals, and not calories?

We know that health is also about more than what you eat! Although nutrition is an essential and powerful ally in the vanquishment of aging and disease, it alone cannot afford complete, well-rounded and stable health and wellbeing; physical and emotional health are also essential considerations.

In our new 9 part audio package, ‘Raw Food Revelations’ with myself and Derin Bepo, all these holistic issues, relating to how to achieve health and wellbeing through raw food and a healthy lifestyle, are available for you to start using in your life right now!

Did you know that as well as conducting over 10,000 health consultations, in Derin Bepo’s family alone, they total over 50 years experience of raw food between them, from childhood to middle age! Now that’s impressive…

You can get all your raw food and holistic health questions answered by listening to this new 9 part audio package from Sistahintheraw and Derin Bepo… Download it now from here: www.rawfoodrevelations.com

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