Rum and Chocolate – A Match Made in Heaven

If you are partial to the finer things in life, love partying in style, or simply just enjoy experiencing new things, then take a glance at the new taste phenomenon combining two of life’s greatest pleasures: Rum and Chocolate.

This new indulgence combo has been masterminded by UK Rum Ambassador and founder of the Rum Experience ( Ian Burrell and chocolate expert Chantal Cody, founder of the boutique Rococo Chocolates. Luxury at its most delicious, the range of rum and chocolate recipes Ian and Chantal have created are guaranteed to tease and inspire your palate, and make a great conversation piece at any party!

From matching full bodied, vibrant golden rum with basil and Persian lime dark chocolate, to teaming rounded rum that has a smoky finish with a passion fruit and mango chocolate – there is something for every taste. And of course it’s always fun to experiment at home with different types of rum and chocolate to create your own perfect matches. Ian Burrell says: “The subtle complexities and richness of these unique spirits brings out the full flavour of the chocolate and vice versa, combining to provide an irresistible double act that will appeal to both the connoisseur and beginner gourmand.”

As well as straight chocolate and rum matching, Ian and Chantal have created a range of exciting ways to get the best out of this unique relationship, including:

Rum & chocolate cocktail – An exotic marriage of authentic Caribbean rum and chocolate, served with garnish of fresh raspberries and a chocolate truffle.

Rum & chocolate tapenade – Amaze any dinner guest with a sweet and savoury combination, a perfect accompaniment to a cocktail.

Rum & hot chocolate – An indulgent treat for all chocolate and rum lovers.

But this is just a taster! Why not get the party started at the Rum Experience 2009. On top of learning all you need to know about this delicious combo from the experts themselves, The Rum Experience is a chance to shake off your winter blues and get in the fiesta spirit whilst learning everything about rum. You can even brush up on your cocktail making skills – the UK’s leading rum experts, blenders and mixologists will be on hand to give you their top tips! Make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to rum it up for the day!

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