Grand Carnival Splash 2011

grand carnival costume splash 2011

CALO Festival is an amalgamation of two major and popular annual events, promoting carnival arts – the Grand Carnival Costume Splash, organised by the Notting Hill Mas Band Association (NHMBA), and the Next Level PoisonUK Carnival Concert.

The Grand Carnival Costume Splash element of CALO festival will feature elaborate performances by some of the UK’s top costume designers and carnival artists – as well as a dazzling, pre – Notting Hill Carnival costume display.

Angela Duncan-Thompson, Chairperson of the NHMBA says: “The NHMBA has been looking at new, innovative ways to keep the experience of the Grand Carnival Costume Splash fresh, engaging and attractive to audiences.

We feel that from this collaboration – which adds music, pan, calypso, soca and food to the mix – the CALO Festival will emerge to give us all the experience of a life time.”

Demonstrating the art of the Mas Band, Costume-making and brings the Caribbean Carnival experience to Alexandra Palace. Don’t miss this event exhibiting the best in UK Carnival arts.

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