25th Anniversary (Silver Jubilee) Miss Caribbean & Commonwealth

The special 25th Anniversary (Silver Jubilee) Miss Caribbean & Commonwealth will be contested by the greatest number of finalists since the 2nd Miss Caribbean & Commonwealth in 1982 and representatives of the greatest number of nationalities since the 8th Miss Caribbean & Commonwealth in 1988 which was boosted by an unusually large number of Asian entrants.

Since then the Miss Caribbean & Commonwealth – to which entry is by the recommendation of established promoters – has been contested primarily by contestants of West Indian and African heritage, and it is the substantial increase of the latter which added an extra dimension to the Silver Jubilee promotion. The show will take place in the theatre of the Polish Centre, Hammersmith, London on Friday evening 28th April.

With several former holders of the title, many beauty queens of the UK Caribbean and Commonwealth communities, and several well-known past and present models and at least one Miss World contestant as guests, the occasion can claim with justice to be the greatest ever assembly of Caribbean and Commonwealth beauties in this country.

Miss Caribbean & Commonwealth is not a conventional beauty contest – the participants are judged on a blend of “good looks, personal personality and knowing how to behave” – and the title-holder is expected to be primarily a good ambassador for the community.

Clayton Goodwin, Founder and Director of Miss Caribbean & Commonwealth, has expressed his pleasure that the title can no longer be seen to be dominated by one country, or one region, as has been perceived to be the case in some years. He attributes the revived high standing of the title – the so-called “Platinum Age” following the “Golden Age” of the 1980s and the “Silver Age” of the early-1990s – to the exceptional qualities of the two most recent holders Shaherah Williams (current) and Natalie Galloway.

Julia Bernard, Chanel Williams, Brenda Gabriel and Kim Ryan are the Caribbean representatives in tough competition from the African communities in the special Silver Jubilee Miss Caribbean & Commonwealth contest at the Polish Centre, King Street in Hammersmith, London on Friday evening 28th April 2006.

It promises to be the outstanding competition for many years. The guests will include former star models up to Miss World standard, and one of the most beautiful judging panels that there has ever been. Oh yes ….. and the lovely ladies themselves.
Brenda, Chanel, Julia and Kim deserve all the support we can give them. Further details – and tickets – can be obtained from either caribcommx@aol.comor phone 07900 811 903