Amazonia Organics Hair treatment

Amazonia Ogamics Hair product

Transforms Afro-hair organically!
Amazonia Organics Hair treatment – This miracle treatment will transform all types of afro, relaxed, curly over-processed hair to a sophisticated level, organically and without the need for chemicals or harsh ingredients.

The results are apparent instantaneously, producing a lush shine, picking up short broken hair around the hair line and blending-in, offering a reduction of water retention in the hair shaft reducing porosity and drying time.

See the video on our website. Discover the amazing results you can achieve when used as a deep intensive hair mask.
After the treatment there is a noticeable weightlessness in the hair. This lasts for an extended period of time.

Organic Hair Heaven
This unique 100% natural organic hair and skin care product comes from the Amazon Rain Forest in Brazil. This new hair smoothing treatment is already a big hit in Brazil. It takes hair care of afro, curly and overtreated hair to a sophisticated new level without using chemicals or harsh ingredients. The butter can be used for both hair and body – but it’s on hair that this 100% organic butter really shines.

Easy to use and safe for all the family
This easy-to-use product helps control frizz and nourishes dry and porous hair. The result is shiny, low-maintenance hair that is protected against the elements. With no harmful chemicals it is perfect for the whole family. It’s entirely organic!
Amazonia Organics
Testimonials …
Wow am I impressed or what, I’m so happy to have purchased this product and would recommend it to anybody, especially those wanting to avoid chemicals and Parabens. Sheryl-Ann

Amazonia Organics Hair & Body Butter is an amazing product when it comes to afro hair, I’m a real advocate and would recommend it to anyone, it’s fantastic. Bernadette.

Just wanted to rave again about this wonderful product, it stands out among anything else because it’s natural, it never lets you down. This is majorly worth the money. Jeanelle.

From the Founder …
I am from Brasil and it makes me so happy that this product promotes sustainable growth in the Amazon Rainforest. Local communities are thriving as no trees are being felled the nuts and seed that produce these butters are harvested at a certain time of year every year. I find it amazing to put something on my skin and hair every day that is made from 100% pure natural ingredients from my country, Brasil. I hope you enjoy the product :), Love Jo X founder of Amazonia Organics – Jo Sollinger