Ginger Root Oil Launch

Ginger Root Oil Hair Product

Califa-Won Limited Announces The Launch of Ginger Root Oil

Califa-Won Limited is excited to announce the launch of Ginger Root Oil, a perfect blend of West Indian Castor Oil and Ginger Oil that will increase the blood circulation to the scalp and strengthen the hair follicles from the root. Giving the hair that strong, vibrant and healthy look. The official launch date for Ginger Root Oil is October 1st 2016, although it can be picked up in hair shops across South East London at present.

Developer of the blend, Experienced Loc Stylist / Natural Hair Consultant, Flair Won knows Ginger Root Oil will live up to expectations due to the Seven year history of using this product on his extensive client base, at his very own, Premiere Locs Of London Limited. He firmly states that ”It was all about creating a product that works for me, if it’s good enough for me it’s good enough for my clients. If it’s good enough for my clients, it’s good enough for the world”. I had seven years to get it right”.

You can look out for our banners at various hair shops and have a One to One chat with our street team about the condition of your hair and what Our product will do for you. We will also be making radio appearances, talking about the products we use for our hair, the black hair industry and why we developed our product line. Follow us on twitter for updates.

Ginger Root Oil Hair Product

‘’We have had a lot of positive feedback and we can see that the market needs products that are specifically created for us, in environments where we can get proper consultations, primarily from people that have used the products and understand the effects of usage’’.

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